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Greetings and Hallucinations, Ghoulish Souls!

sometimes the best Doctors are the vones who profess that constant laughter in our lives is the best medicine they can prescribe! This Doctor is no exception to that rule. Laughter has alvays been a Ghoulish part of my demeanor. So adding horror and humor together seemed the best Ghoulish Cookie vone could ever bake.


From childhood I vas enthralled by Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., And later Christopher Lee and then Jack Nicholson. the chilling OLD RADIO Ghost Stories vere my passion to listen to, Until Abbott and Costello. though really no vone mixed horror and humor and put the combination to good use! So here ve are, entertaining your Ghoulish Pallets vith horror and humor mixed.


So please enjoy our Shows and participation vith KHMB radio!

As alvays Ghouls! “May all your Dreams be Nightmares”

Vintage Movie Projector

the Movie Nut


The Movie Nut is a friend of Dr. Ghoul and the co-host of Dr. Ghoul’s Movie Night. He participates remotely via a TV screen in Dr. Ghoul’s home theater because he is confined to a mental ward run by The Institute as part of a legal settlement with a former employer.


No one knows The Movie Nut’s true name other than the Nut himself and the people who care for him at The Institute. He’s a victim of misguided Super Science, abducted from the workplace and subjected to unauthorized surgery: The Cranial Implant. This was primarily used as a torture/control device, subjecting him to audio/visual torment by his captors. The torment grew and grew until the Nut cracked. He refers to it as “The Incident” and avoids details regarding it. He has been recorded talking about it in his sleep, using phrases like “this is all very distasteful”, “I told you I’d do it - why didn’t you believe me!”, and “mmmm finger food”. Rumors circulate about it at the Institute and the consensus is that there was an attack, grave bodily harm and the consumption of human flesh.


The implant is now happily under the Nut’s control, and it connects his brain directly to networked devices. It allows him to scan the entire internet, searching for the best trivia, movie connections and ghoulish facts. It also hurts when he uses it. The pain ranges from a little pinch to the full body equivalent of being kicked in the junk and there seems to be no correlation between what’s being scanned and the amount of discomfort. The randomness of the pain level does not deter the Nut from using the implant daily.


The Nut talks in movie quotes and references and his tv and movie knowledge is both deep and wide. His greatest joy is sleuthing out a super rare fact or movie connection.

Stage Mist

Crystal Clear


Dr. Ghoul attracts many types of acquaintances! One of which appeared at his home theater!

Watching The Shining for the 100th time a voice came from the back of his theater!

A soft but rough deep voice with a foreign accent. “I have been there” It was a woman!

“I have been in that hotel” The voice startled Ghoul and tickled his scare endorphins at the same time.

He calmly turned toward the voice and asked, “where are you from” “from the wonderful land” she replied!

Thus, a relationship was created, eventually she told him her name was “Crystal”.

Crystal visits at odd times day or night with ghostly observations!

Listen to her unique way of telling Dr. Ghoul anything on her unfiltered mind.

Dr. Ghoul admits her ghostly presence has the capability to “make everything Crystal Clear for everyvone”

Enjoy her occasional appearances and some very creepy ghost stories from the spirit world!


Kant B. Seen

KBS 001.png

Some how a friendship and freakish bond between Kant B. Seen and Dr. Ghoul was hatched upon a chance meeting in the woods behind Dr. Ghouls beautiful Victorian home. You see Kant B. Seen was considering his own demise, perhaps it would be better if I were dead he thought to himself.

Kant B. Seen was burned horribly over 90% his body. An enraged alcoholic boyfriend of his mother’s started the fire after an argument with Kant B. Seen’s mother. His mother and 12-year-old sister was burned to death. Kant B. Seen had a room in the basement he survived if you could call it that!

Dr. Ghoul was walking through the woods behind his Gardens and heard whimpering, it was Kant B. Seen. Dr. Ghoul asked if he could help in any way and asked what his name was. Kant B. Seen threw a colored satin cloth over himself and screamed in his almost burnt-out voice, “I am Kant B. Seen”. An instant bond between them occurred when Kant B. Seen saw Ghoul’s face.                                                                                                           

For twenty years Kant B. Seen has lived at Dr. Ghouls, because of his burns Ghoul built three Rooms in his cool wine cellar. A Physical therapy room, a bedroom, and a state-of-the-Art Library and TV Room. Every Christmas Dr. Ghoul Buys Kant B. Seen a new Colored Satin beautiful cloth, Kant B. Seen loved satin clothes and bedding because it didn’t cling or tear off pieces of Skin.

Dr. Ghoul even helped Kant B. Seen, legally, change his name to Kant B. Seen. What was once a tormenting name by others became a symbol of his survival. Enjoy their relationship a freakish bond that was cemented together by their Appearances.


The Patient

Patient 004.png
Patient 002.png
Patient 005.png

A personal friend, of Dr. Ghouls, The Patient (Lawrence Philips) was a renowned thespian and the Theater was his life. He met and fell in love with a young actress named Christina. This was a bit of a mistake The Patient was a lady’s man, and 2 women in particular took offense to this much younger actress taking The Patient out of the game so to Speak! They badgered and bullied the younger actress any chance they got.

The Patient was a superior actor than most, and he got plumb parts because of his acting skills and unbelievable memory. Jealousy prevailed and 3 men began bullying the younger actress as well. It became a sport of sorts, and Christina committed a gruesome suicide.

The Patient went crazy and murdered all five of them! Horrific torture was The Patients revenge. It was Dr. Ghoul who caught The Patient, after The Patient was thru torturing these 5 poor souls to death, he went into hiding. Dr. Ghoul knew where he would be and lured him out of hiding. The Patient trusted Ghoul and the authorities were aware of the rendezvous, from a heads up from Ghoul himself. The Patient declared Dr. Ghoul a coward and a traitor to their friendship!

Dr. Ghoul hired a Great Lawyer who convinced The Patient to Plead Guilty due to INSANITY!

The Patient and Dr. Ghoul reconciled their friendship, and the very Sedated Patient has been under state care for several years in an extremely Secure Asylum! His rants will intrigue you Dr. Ghoul has numerous people watching the cunning Patient. Dr. Ghoul knows if The Patient ever escaped he wouldn’t be taken ALIVE!

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